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Please find below a pre-sell offering of the absolutely stunning wines from Bill Harlan’s Harlan and Bond Vineyards. The wines are scheduled to arrive in May. I have listed the pre-sell pricing and what our normal price would be below each review from the Wine Advocate. Orders will be accepted as first come first serve and payment is do after we confirm order. Our apologies in advance if we receive your order after it has sold.

2012 Harlan Estate Proprietary Red Wine
Harlan Estate
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
USA, Napa, North Coast, California, USA


2 six bottle cases available at $5,400.00, net $900.00 per bottle, Regularly $1,200.00 #221
Oct 2015
Robert M. Parker, Jr. 99+ Drink: 2018 – 2068
The 2012 Harlan Estate is reminiscent of their 2002. Probably a candidate for perfection with another 4-5 years of bottle age, the wine is inky plum/purple to the rim and offers a gorgeous nose of scorched earth, blackberry and cassis, forest floor, and a floral, lavender-like component followed by deep, opulent, majestic flavors that caress the palate with high but sweet tannin. This is relatively evolved, and supple and voluptuous for a young Harlan estate – hence the comparison with their compelling 2002. This wine can be drunk in several years and is likely another candidate for 30-50 years of cellaring.

The Maiden is made up of the lighter, softer, more evolved lots culled from the Harlan Estate wine. The Harlan Estate is virtually all Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Merlot and Petit Verdot, but interestingly, very little or possibly no Cabernet Franc, which is surprising in view of its neighbor Futo Estate, which is just down the hillside and does such a magnificent job with Cabernet Franc in their blends.

As a postscript, I recently tasted the first Harlan Estate wines, which were never released, as Bill Harlan wanted to set the market on fire with a truly great wine. Looking back on the 1987, 1988 and 1989, the 1987 was tired, but the other two vintages were certainly upper 80-point wines, although nowhere near the quality of his first release, the 1990, or the subsequent great wines that started with the 1991. And speaking of the 1991, I just had two bottles of it at two separate tastings from my cellar, and that wine, at age 24, is still incredibly vigorous, vibrant and majestic. So my aging curves of 30-50 years for recent great vintages are completely understandable, given the fact that the 1991 still has at least another 20 years of life left in it.

2012 Bond Vecina Proprietary Red Wine SOLD!!! 
A Proprietary Blend Dry Red Table wine from
USA, Napa, North Coast, California, USA
1 six bottle case available at $2,700.00, net bottle $450.00, Regularly $500.00 per bottle #221
Oct 2015
Robert M. Parker, Jr. 100 Drink: 2015 – 2050
220123Unfortunately, we have already sold out of the Bond Vecina. We invite you to consider the Bond Quella, featured below. If you would like to be among the first to know about future pre-sell wines as they become available, please contact us directly by e-mail and we will add you to our private mailing list. Thank you!

From an 11-acre vineyard sitting near Bond’s winery and the Harlan estate, the 2012 Vecina Proprietary Red is the perfect Napa version of a hypothetical blend of a La Mission Haut-Brion and Mouton-Rothschild. This is riveting Cabernet Sauvignon with great intensity, a killer fragrance of burning embers, charcoal, gravel, blackberry, cassis and earth. Fabulously intense and full-bodied, with majestic flavor intensity, a skyscraper-like mouthfeel, incredible purity and length, and supple tannins, this magnificent wine comes closest to the great Harlan Estate itself. Drink it over the next 35 years.

These exceptionally impressive wines from Bill Harlan are all majestic in 2012. There are between 500 and 600 cases of each of these essentially single vineyard wines from five separate micro-climates in Napa Valley, with the exception of the Matriarch, which comes from the barrels and lots culled from the different single vineyards that were considered slightly more forward and less profound than the individual wines. All of them have great singularity and are made with absolutely no compromises. In the great vintages, such as 2012 and no doubt 2013, these wines clearly have 25-35+ years of aging potential. I wouldn’t be surprised in certain years to see them go on for 50 or more years.
The 2013s from Bond should prove to be fabulous wines with additional aging. They were scheduled to be bottled several months after my visit, and like the vintage itself, this is a great year for all of the Bill Harlan offerings. The wines are more structured than the 2012s, slightly more restrained, and coiled tightly at present, but bursting with super-concentrated blue and black fruits, huge body, structure and power. I still think the best comparison of the 2013 is a modern-day version of 2001, whereas 2012 is like a modern clone of 2002 – two great vintages in both cases, but very different styles in terms of the way they present themselves to the taster, both aromatically and on the palate.
Just to remind readers: Bill Harlan has 25-year leases on all these single-vineyard estates. Their origins represent completely different expositions, terroirs and micro-climates in Napa Valley. For example, the Melbury originates in the hillsides north of Lake Hennessey, in the hills east of Rutherford and is a seven-acre, rocky vineyard. The Quella is a nine-acre site in the eastern hills overlooking Napa Valley. Its composition is cobble and various sizes of rocks as well as the white volcanic ash called tufa. St. Eden is just north of the Oakville crossroad on an 11-acre rocky knoll in the foothills of the Vaca Mountains. Soils here are iron-rich, fractured volcanic rock. The Vecina, which is closest to the Bond and Harlan vineyards and wineries is an 11-acre site facing east toward the Vaca Mountains in the Mayacamas foothills. This is made up of very pebbly, alluvial soils over sedimentary, fractured bedrock. Lastly, the Pluribus is a seven-acre site on Spring Mountain at an elevation of 1,100 feet. Soils here are all of volcanic origin, and the exposition is north and east.

2012 Bond Quella
A Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Table wine from
USA, North Coast, California, USA
1 six bottle case available at $2,700.00, net bottle $450.00, Regularly $500.00 per bottle #215
Oct 2014
Robert M. Parker, Jr. (98-100) Drink: 2014 – 2044
88316A provocative effort that is a potential candidate for perfection is the 2012 Quella Proprietary Red Blend from Pritchard Hill, a site that tends to produce wines of great delineation, precision and perfume. This opulent, full-bodied effort reveals fabulous fruit, freshness and focus as well as super depth, and an extravagantly rich mouthfeel without being heavy or over-the-top. A sensational wine, it should drink well for three decades.

This highly successful project of Bill Harlan and his team from Harlan Estate and his newest, luxury project, Promontory, includes his winemaker Bob Levy and consulting oenologist Michel Rolland. All of these wines represent Bill Harlan’s innovative concept of producing 100% Napa Cabernet Sauvignons from some of the region’s finest microclimates and terroirs – all with different expositions and soil bases. Most of these vineyards are on long-term leases and are farmed by the Harlan team. To reiterate what I have written in the past, the five separate vineyard sites include the Melbury, which comes from a 7-acre parcel of sedimentary and clay soils on the steep slopes of Pritchard Hill east of Rutherford, and the Pluribus, which is the northern-most vineyard, seven acres in size, planted on Spring Mountain at a high elevation of 1,000 feet in a white, volcanic bedrock called tufa. The most southerly vineyard is Vecina, an 11-acre site planted at a 200-300-foot elevation situated adjacent to Harlan Estate in the Oakville Corridor. St. Eden is an 11-acre vineyard in the gentle foothills north of the Oakville Crossroads. Lastly, the Quella cuvée comes from a 9-acre site in the eastern foothills of St. Helena with an interesting terroir of alluvial pebbles and small rocks that is believed to be an old riverbed. These wines are all aged in 100% new oak and are fashioned from very low yields. Those barrels deemed unworthy of single-vineyard status are blended together and bottled under the Matriarch label.

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